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Since 2003: “Using sports . . . to positively impact youth!”

At FUN AND FREEDOM we strive to provide a safe, healthy forum that offers a wide range of multi-sports activities that will appeal to all youth. We conduct our activities in an atmosphere where all participants can experience success, become physically fit, build social and moral character and increase self-esteem and self-worth. All key elements to a healthy childhood and a healthy transition into adulthood.



Starting Soon . . .VOLLEYBALL SKILLS CAMP!  Beginning Tuesday Evening March 26th – For Youth 4th – 8th Grades – held at the East Union Community Center Gymnasium.

Each participant will be taught the basic skills necessary to learn and  enjoy playing the game of Volleyball – skills such as Serving, Setting and Passing.  They will also have the opportunity to use and improve their skills in a fun, no pressure atmosphere during game time!  CLICK THE FOLLOWING LINK for complete Volleyball Activity Details and On-Line Registration Form!  http://www.funandfreedom.org/pages/upcomingact/volleyball.html

Tuesday Evening Basketball and Gym Activities – For Youth 5 Years Old – 6th Grade – held at the East Union Community Center Gymnasium.

 Session #2 of this activity will begin on Tuesday, February 12, 2019!  There will be two age divisions:  5 Years Old – 2nd Grade and 3rd – 6th Grades.  Click the following link for complete Activity Details and On-Line Registration Form!  http://www.funandfreedom.org/pages/upcomingact/basketball.html

Winter/Spring Multi-Sport Recreational Program at the Springdale Borough Gymnasium – For Youth 5 Years Old – 3rd Grade.

This fun Multi-Sport program will give youth opportunity to learn about and participate in a variety of fun, team building sports.  For complete registration and activity information – please click here to view a copy of our activity flier:  FUN & FREEDOM Springdale Boro 2018-2019 Fall Winter Recreational Program  (No on-line registration for this activity.)

Space is limited!




Penguins Grant June 2018 Logo & Picture

Many thanks to the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation! 

Their generosity throughout the greater Pittsburgh Area is not only amazing . . . but life changing for so many.

Everyone please check out their website   https://pittsburghpenguinsfoundation.org/  and Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/pensfoundation/